Translating Comparatives into Malay Exercises in Malay language

Mastering the use of comparatives is a crucial aspect of learning any language, and Malay is no exception. Comparatives in Malay allow speakers to compare two entities, expressing ideas such as "better," "smarter," or "more beautiful." Unlike in English, where the comparative form typically involves adding "-er" to adjectives or using "more," Malay employs a different structure that learners must grasp to communicate effectively. This page provides a comprehensive set of grammar exercises designed to help you translate English comparatives into Malay accurately, enhancing both your understanding and fluency in the language. When translating comparatives into Malay, it is essential to familiarize yourself with specific words and phrases, such as "lebih" (more) and "kurang" (less). These terms are often used in conjunction with adjectives to form the comparative structure. For example, "more intelligent" translates to "lebih bijak" and "less interesting" becomes "kurang menarik." By practicing with varied and context-rich exercises, you will not only learn to translate these comparative forms but also gain a deeper appreciation for the nuances of Malay grammar. Dive into the exercises and start transforming your understanding of comparatives in Malay today.

Exercise 1

<p>1. He is taller than his brother. Dia lebih *tinggi* daripada abangnya (adjective for height).</p> <p>2. This book is cheaper than that one. Buku ini lebih *murah* daripada buku itu (adjective for cost).</p> <p>3. Her car is faster than mine. Keretanya lebih *laju* daripada kereta saya (adjective for speed).</p> <p>4. This problem is easier than the last one. Masalah ini lebih *mudah* daripada masalah yang lepas (adjective for simplicity).</p> <p>5. The weather today is hotter than yesterday. Cuaca hari ini lebih *panas* daripada semalam (adjective for temperature).</p> <p>6. This street is busier than the previous one. Jalan ini lebih *sibuk* daripada jalan yang sebelumnya (adjective for activity level).</p> <p>7. My house is bigger than yours. Rumah saya lebih *besar* daripada rumah awak (adjective for size).</p> <p>8. This movie is more interesting than the last one. Filem ini lebih *menarik* daripada filem yang lepas (adjective for excitement).</p> <p>9. This test is harder than the last one. Ujian ini lebih *sukar* daripada ujian yang lepas (adjective for difficulty).</p> <p>10. Her voice is sweeter than mine. Suaranya lebih *merdu* daripada suara saya (adjective for pleasant sound).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. The mountain is *taller* than the hill (adjective for height).</p> <p>2. This book is *more interesting* than that one (adjective for engaging).</p> <p>3. Her car is *faster* than mine (adjective for speed).</p> <p>4. Apples are *cheaper* than oranges in this market (adjective for price).</p> <p>5. This puzzle is *easier* than the last one (adjective for difficulty).</p> <p>6. My house is *bigger* than yours (adjective for size).</p> <p>7. He is *more diligent* than his brother (adjective for work ethic).</p> <p>8. This street is *narrower* than the highway (adjective for width).</p> <p>9. Her voice is *softer* than his (adjective for volume).</p> <p>10. Today is *hotter* than yesterday (adjective for temperature).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. She is *taller* than her brother (describes height).</p> <p>2. This movie is *more interesting* than the one we watched yesterday (describes level of interest).</p> <p>3. My car is *faster* than yours (describes speed).</p> <p>4. The soup is *spicier* than the curry (describes taste).</p> <p>5. His house is *bigger* than mine (describes size).</p> <p>6. The mountain is *higher* than the hill (describes elevation).</p> <p>7. This exam is *easier* than the last one (describes difficulty).</p> <p>8. Her dress is *more beautiful* than the one in the store (describes appearance).</p> <p>9. The weather today is *hotter* than yesterday (describes temperature).</p> <p>10. This road is *narrower* than the highway (describes width).</p>

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