Present continuous tense Exercises in Macedonian language

The Present Continuous tense in Macedonian, much like in English, is used to describe actions that are currently happening or ongoing. In Macedonian, this tense is formed by using the present tense of the verb "to be" (сум) followed by the present active participle of the main verb. For instance, "I am reading" translates to "Јас читам." Understanding this tense is crucial for effective communication, as it allows speakers to express what they or others are doing at any given moment. In this section, you will find a variety of grammar exercises designed to help you master the Present Continuous tense in Macedonian. These exercises will cover affirmative sentences, negative sentences, and questions, providing a comprehensive approach to learning. By practicing these exercises, you'll become more comfortable with the structure and usage of the Present Continuous tense, enabling you to convey your thoughts more accurately and fluently in Macedonian.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Марија *чита* книга (verb for reading).</p> <p>2. Ние *играме* фудбал во паркот (verb for playing).</p> <p>3. Тие *пливаат* во базенот (verb for swimming).</p> <p>4. Јас *пишувам* писмо (verb for writing).</p> <p>5. Петар *готви* вечера (verb for cooking).</p> <p>6. Ана *слуша* музика (verb for listening).</p> <p>7. Ти *разговараш* со пријател (verb for talking).</p> <p>8. Ние *учиме* македонски јазик (verb for studying).</p> <p>9. Марија и Јован *танцуваат* на забавата (verb for dancing).</p> <p>10. Вие *гледате* телевизија (verb for watching).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. Тој *пишува* домашна задача (verb for writing).</p> <p>2. Јас *читам* книга (verb for reading).</p> <p>3. Тие *играат* фудбал (verb for playing).</p> <p>4. Ние *јадеме* пица (verb for eating).</p> <p>5. Вие *учите* македонски (verb for studying).</p> <p>6. Таа *слуша* музика (verb for listening).</p> <p>7. Јас *пеам* песна (verb for singing).</p> <p>8. Тој *спие* во кревет (verb for sleeping).</p> <p>9. Ние *гледаме* филм (verb for watching).</p> <p>10. Тие *танцуваат* на забава (verb for dancing).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. Момчето *игра* на улицата (verb for playing).</p> <p>2. Тие *пишуваат* домашна задача (verb for writing).</p> <p>3. Јас *читам* книга (verb for reading).</p> <p>4. Ние *готвиме* вечера (verb for cooking).</p> <p>5. Девојката *танцува* на музика (verb for dancing).</p> <p>6. Вие *гледате* телевизија (verb for watching).</p> <p>7. Мачката *спие* на креветот (verb for sleeping).</p> <p>8. Тие *трчаат* во паркот (verb for running).</p> <p>9. Тој *пее* песна (verb for singing).</p> <p>10. Јас *пливам* во базенот (verb for swimming).</p>

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