Phrasal verbs Exercises in English language

Phrasal verbs are a fundamental aspect of the English language, adding depth and nuance to communication. These combinations of verbs with prepositions or adverbs can completely alter the meaning of the original verb, making them essential for achieving fluency and precision in English. Whether you're a native speaker or learning English as a second language, mastering phrasal verbs can significantly enhance your ability to express ideas more vividly and accurately. From everyday conversations to professional settings, understanding and using phrasal verbs effectively can be a game-changer. In this section, you will find a variety of exercises designed to help you practice and master phrasal verbs. The exercises range from fill-in-the-blank activities to sentence transformation tasks, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of how phrasal verbs function in different contexts. By engaging with these exercises, you'll not only memorize common phrasal verbs but also learn to use them intuitively. This will empower you to communicate more naturally and confidently, whether you're writing an email, engaging in casual conversation, or making a formal presentation.

Exercise 1

<p>1. She always *looks up* to her older sister (phrasal verb meaning to admire).</p> <p>2. John couldn’t *figure out* the math problem (phrasal verb meaning to solve or understand).</p> <p>3. They decided to *put off* the meeting until next week (phrasal verb meaning to postpone).</p> <p>4. He needs to *cut down* on sugar to improve his health (phrasal verb meaning to reduce).</p> <p>5. I will *pick up* the kids from school at 3 PM (phrasal verb meaning to collect someone by car).</p> <p>6. The car *broke down* in the middle of the highway (phrasal verb meaning to stop working).</p> <p>7. She *came across* an old photo while cleaning the attic (phrasal verb meaning to find by chance).</p> <p>8. They tried to *cheer up* their friend after the breakup (phrasal verb meaning to make someone feel happier).</p> <p>9. We need to *set up* the equipment before the event starts (phrasal verb meaning to arrange or install).</p> <p>10. He *ran into* his teacher at the supermarket (phrasal verb meaning to meet by chance).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. She needs to *pick up* the kids from school (verb for collecting someone).</p> <p>2. He decided to *give up* smoking after ten years (verb for quitting something).</p> <p>3. They always *look forward* to the weekend (verb for anticipating something with pleasure).</p> <p>4. Can you *turn down* the music? It's too loud (verb for reducing volume).</p> <p>5. I need to *figure out* how to solve this problem (verb for finding a solution).</p> <p>6. We should *bring up* this topic at the next meeting (verb for mentioning something).</p> <p>7. She *ran into* an old friend at the grocery store (verb for meeting someone unexpectedly).</p> <p>8. The car *broke down* on the way to the beach (verb for stopping working, usually for machines).</p> <p>9. He *put off* his trip to New York until next month (verb for delaying something).</p> <p>10. They *set up* the new computer in the office (verb for installing or arranging something).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. She decided to *give up* smoking after 10 years (stop doing something).</p> <p>2. He *ran into* his old friend at the supermarket yesterday (meet by chance).</p> <p>3. We need to *look into* the issue before making a decision (investigate).</p> <p>4. They *came across* an old photo album while cleaning the attic (find by chance).</p> <p>5. The meeting was *called off* due to bad weather (cancel).</p> <p>6. She needs to *catch up* on her homework before the weekend (do something that should have been done earlier).</p> <p>7. He *turned down* the job offer because it wasn't what he wanted (refuse).</p> <p>8. We need to *figure out* how to solve this problem quickly (understand or find the solution).</p> <p>9. She *looked after* her neighbor's cat while they were on vacation (take care of).</p> <p>10. The teacher asked the students to *hand in* their assignments by Friday (submit).</p>

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