Interrogative pronouns Exercises in Latvian language

Interrogative pronouns are essential components in the Latvian language, as they allow speakers to form questions and seek specific information. These pronouns include words like "kas" (who, what), "kurš" (which), "kāds" (what kind of), and "kur" (where). Mastering the use of these pronouns can significantly enhance your ability to communicate effectively and understand spoken and written Latvian. Whether you are asking about a person, an object, or a place, knowing the correct interrogative pronoun to use is crucial for clear and precise communication. In these exercises, you will practice using Latvian interrogative pronouns in various contexts to build your confidence and proficiency. You'll encounter a range of scenarios that require you to choose the appropriate pronoun and construct meaningful questions. By engaging with these exercises, you'll develop a deeper understanding of the structure and usage of interrogative pronouns, which will be invaluable in your journey to mastering the Latvian language. Dive in and start exploring the intricacies of asking questions in Latvian!

Exercise 1

<p>1. *Kurš* tev ir mīļākais dziedātājs? (interrogative pronoun for "which" in nominative case)</p> <p>2. *Ko* tu darīji vakar vakarā? (interrogative pronoun for "what" in accusative case)</p> <p>3. *Kā* tu jūties šodien? (interrogative pronoun for "how")</p> <p>4. *Kur* tu dzīvo? (interrogative pronoun for "where")</p> <p>5. *Kāpēc* tu nebiji skolā? (interrogative pronoun for "why")</p> <p>6. *Kāds* ir tavs telefona numurs? (interrogative pronoun for "which" or "what" in nominative case)</p> <p>7. *Kad* tu brauksi uz Rīgu? (interrogative pronoun for "when")</p> <p>8. *Cik* tas maksā? (interrogative pronoun for "how much")</p> <p>9. *Kam* tu piezvanīsi? (interrogative pronoun for "to whom" in dative case)</p> <p>10. *Kurienes* tu esi? (interrogative pronoun for "from where")</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. *Kurš* ir tavs mīļākais skolotājs? (Which, referring to a person)</p> <p>2. *Kāda* ir tava iecienītākā krāsa? (What, referring to a thing's quality)</p> <p>3. *Ko* tu darīsi rīt? (What, referring to an action)</p> <p>4. *Kur* tu dzīvo? (Where, referring to a place)</p> <p>5. *Kad* sākas tavs brīvlaiks? (When, referring to time)</p> <p>6. *Kā* tu jūties šodien? (How, referring to state of being)</p> <p>7. *Cik* cilvēku ir jūsu ģimenē? (How many, referring to quantity)</p> <p>8. *Kāpēc* tu kavējies? (Why, referring to reason)</p> <p>9. *Kas* tas ir? (What, referring to an object)</p> <p>10. *Kāds* ir tavs vārds? (What, referring to identity)</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *Kur* tu dzīvo? (location)</p> <p>2. *Kas* tev ir kabatā? (object)</p> <p>3. *Kāds* ir tavs vārds? (identity)</p> <p>4. *Ko* tu dari šodien? (activity)</p> <p>5. *Kāpēc* tu esi bēdīgs? (reason)</p> <p>6. *Cik* ir pulkstenis? (time)</p> <p>7. *Kā* tu jūties? (state of being)</p> <p>8. *Kad* tu atnāksi? (time)</p> <p>9. *Kādu* krāsu tu izvēlējies? (choice)</p> <p>10. *Kura* mašīna ir tava? (possession)</p>

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