Adjectives ending in “-legur” Exercises in Icelandic language

Adjectives ending in "-legur" are a distinct and fascinating aspect of the Icelandic language. These adjectives are used to convey various qualities, characteristics, or states, and are an essential part of building descriptive sentences. Understanding how to use "-legur" correctly can greatly enhance your ability to express nuances and subtleties in Icelandic. The suffix "-legur" roughly translates to "-like" or "-ish" in English, allowing for a rich range of descriptive possibilities when attached to different root words. Mastering the use of "-legur" adjectives involves not only recognizing their forms but also understanding their agreement with the nouns they describe in terms of gender, number, and case. This can be particularly challenging for English speakers, as Icelandic has a more complex system of noun-adjective agreement. By practicing with a variety of exercises, you can become more comfortable with these endings and improve your overall fluency in Icelandic. The following exercises are designed to help you identify, form, and correctly use "-legur" adjectives in a range of contexts, enhancing both your comprehension and your expressive abilities in Icelandic.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Hún er mjög *vinaleg* við alla (adjective for friendly).</p> <p>2. Hann er *heiðarlegur* í starfi sínu (adjective for honest).</p> <p>3. Þessi kvikmynd er mjög *skemmtileg* (adjective for entertaining).</p> <p>4. Húsið er mjög *fallegt* (adjective for beautiful).</p> <p>5. Hún er alltaf *hjálpsöm* við vini sína (adjective for helpful).</p> <p>6. Þetta er mjög *áhugaverð* bók (adjective for interesting).</p> <p>7. Bærinn er *friðsæll* og rólegur (adjective for peaceful).</p> <p>8. Hann er mjög *traustur* vinur (adjective for reliable).</p> <p>9. Maturinn var *góðlegur* (adjective for delicious).</p> <p>10. Þessi maður er mjög *ráðugur* (adjective for wise).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. Húsið er mjög *fallegt* (adjective describing a beautiful house).</p> <p>2. Hún er mjög *viturleg* (adjective describing someone who is wise).</p> <p>3. Þetta er *skemmtileg* bók (adjective describing an entertaining book).</p> <p>4. Hann er alltaf svo *kátlegur* (adjective describing someone who is always cheerful).</p> <p>5. Veðrið er *kaldleg* í dag (adjective describing the cold weather).</p> <p>6. Þetta var mjög *áhugaverðleg* mynd (adjective describing an interesting movie).</p> <p>7. Húsið okkar er mjög *stórleg* (adjective describing a large house).</p> <p>8. Hún er mjög *hugrökkleg* (adjective describing someone who is courageous).</p> <p>9. Þessi staður er mjög *friðsælegur* (adjective describing a peaceful place).</p> <p>10. Þetta var mjög *merkileg* saga (adjective describing a remarkable story).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. Hann er mjög *vinalegur* (synonym for friendly).</p> <p>2. Þessi bíll er *hagnýtlegur* (synonym for practical).</p> <p>3. Hún er alltaf *kurteislegur* við alla (synonym for polite).</p> <p>4. Þessi bók er mjög *fróðlegur* (synonym for informative).</p> <p>5. Veðrið í dag er *ótrúlegur* (synonym for unbelievable).</p> <p>6. Þetta hús er *göfuglegur* (synonym for noble).</p> <p>7. Þetta dýr er *tignarlegur* (synonym for majestic).</p> <p>8. Húsið var mjög *skemmtilegur* (synonym for entertaining).</p> <p>9. Hann var *áhugaverðlegur* (synonym for interesting).</p> <p>10. Hún var *snyrtilegur* (synonym for neat).</p>

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