Use of ‘जाणे’ (go) Exercises in Marathi language

The Marathi verb 'जाणे' (to go) is fundamental for anyone looking to master the language. It is not just about the physical act of moving from one place to another; 'जाणे' encapsulates a variety of contexts, moods, and tenses that are essential for effective communication. Understanding how to conjugate and use 'जाणे' correctly can significantly enhance your fluency and comprehension. This section will provide you with various grammar exercises that focus on different aspects of using 'जाणे', helping you to internalize its usage and apply it in real-life situations. In Marathi, verbs change their form based on tense, mood, and subject pronouns, making it crucial to practice regularly. The exercises here will cover present, past, and future tenses, as well as imperative and conditional moods. By engaging with these exercises, you will gain a deeper understanding of how 'जाणे' functions in different sentences, whether you're talking about going somewhere, planning to go, or giving someone instructions to go. These exercises are designed to be comprehensive yet straightforward, ensuring that learners at all levels can benefit from them. Dive in and start mastering the use of 'जाणे' to boost your Marathi language skills!

Exercise 1

<p>1. मी शाळेला *जाणार* आहे (verb for going).</p> <p>2. तु उद्या बाजारात *जाशील* का? (verb for going in future tense).</p> <p>3. आम्ही गेल्या आठवड्यात गावी *गेलो* होतो (verb for having gone).</p> <p>4. ती रोज सकाळी मंदिरात *जाते* (verb for regular action of going).</p> <p>5. तुम्ही सुट्टीसाठी कुठे *जाणार* आहात? (verb for intended movement).</p> <p>6. पाउस पडल्यामुळे आम्ही पिकनिकला *जाऊ* शकलो नाही (verb for being unable to go).</p> <p>7. लहान मुले उद्या प्राणीसंग्रहालयात *जाणार* आहेत (verb for planned visit).</p> <p>8. आज मी सायकल चालवत शाळेत *जाणार* आहे (verb for mode of going).</p> <p>9. तो दर रविवारी मैत्रिणीकडे *जातो* (verb for habitual action of going).</p> <p>10. आम्ही नाटक बघायला थिएटरला *जाणार* होतो (verb for intended past action).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. मी शाळेत *जातो* (verb for going, masculine).</p> <p>2. ती बाजारात *जाते* (verb for going, feminine).</p> <p>3. आम्ही उद्या सहलीला *जाणार* आहोत (verb for future movement, plural).</p> <p>4. तो रोज सकाळी मंदिरात *जातो* (verb for going, masculine).</p> <p>5. मुलगी शाळेत *जाते* (verb for going, feminine, younger).</p> <p>6. ते रविवारला मॉलमध्ये *जाणार* आहेत (verb for future movement, plural).</p> <p>7. मी उद्या ऑफिसला *जाणार* आहे (verb for future movement, singular).</p> <p>8. आम्ही दरवर्षी गोव्याला *जाणार* असतो (verb for habitual future movement, plural).</p> <p>9. तो दर शनिवारी सिनेमाला *जातो* (verb for habitual movement, masculine).</p> <p>10. ती वाचनालयात *जाते* (verb for going, feminine).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. मी आता बाजारात *जाणार* आहे (verb for going somewhere).</p> <p>2. ते शाळेत *गेल्या* आहेत (past tense of 'go').</p> <p>3. आम्ही उद्या सहलीला *जाणार* आहोत (future tense of 'go').</p> <p>4. ती रोज सकाळी मंदिरात *जाते* (present tense, feminine form of 'go').</p> <p>5. मुलं उद्या खेळायला *जातील* (future tense, plural form of 'go').</p> <p>6. तू कधी पुण्याला *गेलास*? (past tense, masculine form of 'go').</p> <p>7. मी संध्याकाळी फिरायला *जाईन* (future tense, first person singular form of 'go').</p> <p>8. आम्ही सर्वजण एका वेळी किल्ल्यावर *गेलो* (past tense, plural form of 'go').</p> <p>9. ती कधीच मुंबईला *जाणार* नाही (future tense, negative form of 'go').</p> <p>10. तू उद्या ऑफिसला *जाणार* आहेस का? (future tense, interrogative form of 'go').</p>

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