Superlative phrases Exercises in Indonesian language

In the Indonesian language, mastering superlative phrases is essential for expressing the highest degree of a quality or attribute. Superlatives are used to indicate that something is the most or least of a particular characteristic within a group or compared to others. For example, in English, we might say "the tallest building" or "the most expensive car," and Indonesian has its own unique set of rules and structures for forming these phrases. Understanding how to properly use superlatives will greatly enhance your ability to communicate more precisely and vividly in Indonesian. Superlative phrases in Indonesian often involve specific words and modifiers that may differ from English. Typically, the word "paling" is used before an adjective to indicate the superlative degree, as in "paling tinggi" (the tallest) or "paling cantik" (the most beautiful). Additionally, there are irregular forms and exceptions to these rules that need to be learned. This page is dedicated to providing you with exercises that will help you practice and master the use of superlative phrases in Indonesian, enabling you to convey your thoughts with greater accuracy and fluency.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Bali is *the most beautiful* island in Indonesia (superlative form of "beautiful").</p> <p>2. Mount Everest is *the highest* mountain in the world (superlative form of "high").</p> <p>3. The Komodo dragon is *the largest* lizard in the world (superlative form of "large").</p> <p>4. The Amazon rainforest is *the densest* forest on Earth (superlative form of "dense").</p> <p>5. He is *the smartest* student in the class (superlative form of "smart").</p> <p>6. This is *the best* restaurant in town (superlative form of "good").</p> <p>7. That was *the worst* movie I have ever seen (superlative form of "bad").</p> <p>8. She is *the fastest* runner in the team (superlative form of "fast").</p> <p>9. This book is *the most interesting* one I have read this year (superlative form of "interesting").</p> <p>10. Jakarta is *the busiest* city in Indonesia (superlative form of "busy").</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. Gunung Everest adalah gunung *tertinggi* di dunia (superlative of "tinggi").</p> <p>2. Dia adalah siswa *terpandai* di kelas (superlative of "pandai").</p> <p>3. Pantai itu adalah tempat *terindah* di pulau ini (superlative of "indah").</p> <p>4. Bunga mawar adalah bunga yang *terwangi* di taman ini (superlative of "wangi").</p> <p>5. Kucingnya adalah hewan *terlucu* yang pernah saya lihat (superlative of "lucu").</p> <p>6. Jalan ini adalah yang *terlebar* di kota kami (superlative of "lebar").</p> <p>7. Buku itu adalah buku *tertebal* di perpustakaan (superlative of "tebal").</p> <p>8. Dia adalah orang *terkaya* di desa ini (superlative of "kaya").</p> <p>9. Roti ini adalah yang *terlezat* yang pernah saya cicipi (superlative of "lezat").</p> <p>10. Film itu adalah film *terseram* yang pernah saya tonton (superlative of "seram").</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. Dia adalah siswa *terpandai* di kelas (most intelligent).</p> <p>2. Gunung Everest adalah gunung *tertinggi* di dunia (highest).</p> <p>3. Ini adalah buku *terbaik* yang pernah saya baca (best).</p> <p>4. Pantai ini adalah yang *terindah* di pulau ini (most beautiful).</p> <p>5. Dia adalah pemain sepak bola *tercepat* di tim (fastest).</p> <p>6. Ini adalah kue *terenak* yang pernah saya cicipi (most delicious).</p> <p>7. Jakarta adalah kota *terbesar* di Indonesia (biggest).</p> <p>8. Dia adalah orang *terkaya* di desa ini (richest).</p> <p>9. Film ini adalah yang *termenarik* di bioskop (most interesting).</p> <p>10. Anjing ini adalah yang *terjinak* di antara semuanya (most tame).</p>

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