Irregular comparatives Exercises in Hungarian language

Hungarian language learners often find themselves navigating a maze when it comes to mastering irregular comparatives. Unlike regular comparatives that simply add a suffix to the positive form, irregular comparatives in Hungarian undergo more complex changes in their structure. Understanding these unique transformations is crucial for fluency, as they frequently appear in everyday conversations and written texts. This set of exercises is designed to help you recognize, practice, and internalize these irregular forms, making your Hungarian sound more natural and sophisticated. As you dive into these exercises, you’ll encounter a variety of common adjectives and their irregular comparative counterparts. By consistently practicing with these examples, you’ll develop a stronger intuitive grasp of the patterns and exceptions that characterize Hungarian irregular comparatives. This focus will not only enhance your vocabulary but also improve your overall linguistic agility, allowing you to communicate more effectively and confidently in Hungarian.

Exercise 1

<p>1. The weather today is *jobb* than yesterday. (adjective for better)</p> <p>2. This book is *rosszabb* than the one I read last week. (adjective for worse)</p> <p>3. She is *idősebb* than her brother. (adjective for older)</p> <p>4. The new movie is *rövidebb* than the previous one. (adjective for shorter)</p> <p>5. This road is *szélesebb* than the one we took earlier. (adjective for wider)</p> <p>6. My house is *nagyobb* than yours. (adjective for bigger)</p> <p>7. This soup is *jobb* than what I usually make. (adjective for better)</p> <p>8. His performance was *rosszabb* than expected. (adjective for worse)</p> <p>9. That tree is *magasabb* than this one. (adjective for taller)</p> <p>10. This task is *könnyebb* than the last one. (adjective for easier)</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. Az alma *jobb* mint a körte (Comparative form of 'jó').</p> <p>2. A folyó *nagyobb* mint a patak (Comparative form of 'nagy').</p> <p>3. Az ő háza *közelebb* van az iskolához, mint az enyém (Comparative form of 'közel').</p> <p>4. Ez a hegy *magasabb* mint a másik (Comparative form of 'magas').</p> <p>5. A feladat *nehezebb* mint gondoltam (Comparative form of 'nehéz').</p> <p>6. A leves *melegebb* mint volt (Comparative form of 'meleg').</p> <p>7. A város *távolabb* van mint hittem (Comparative form of 'távol').</p> <p>8. A nap *fényesebb* ma mint tegnap (Comparative form of 'fényes').</p> <p>9. A lány *okosabb* mint a fiú (Comparative form of 'okos').</p> <p>10. Ez a szék *kényelmesebb* mint az (Comparative form of 'kényelmes').</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. A hegy *magasabb* a dombnál (comparative for "high").</p> <p>2. A régi autó sokkal *rosszabb* mint az új (comparative for "bad").</p> <p>3. A kávé *jobb* mint a tea (comparative for "good").</p> <p>4. A kis lakás *kisebb* mint a nagy ház (comparative for "small").</p> <p>5. A kutya *nagyobb* mint a macska (comparative for "big").</p> <p>6. A gyors vonat *gyorsabb* mint a lassú busz (comparative for "fast").</p> <p>7. A nyári napok *hosszabbak* mint a téli napok (comparative for "long").</p> <p>8. A könnyű táska *könnyebb* mint a nehéz bőrönd (comparative for "light").</p> <p>9. A hétvége *jobb* mint a hétköznapok (comparative for "good").</p> <p>10. A hideg víz *hidegebb* mint a meleg víz (comparative for "cold").</p>

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