Interrogative pronouns like “hver” Exercises in Icelandic language

Interrogative pronouns play a crucial role in the Icelandic language, just as they do in English. One of the most common interrogative pronouns in Icelandic is "hver," which translates to "who" in English. Understanding and using "hver" correctly is essential for forming questions and engaging in meaningful conversations. This page is designed to help you master the usage of "hver" by providing a variety of grammar exercises tailored to different proficiency levels. Through these exercises, you will learn how to construct questions accurately and naturally in Icelandic. You will practice not only the basic usage of "hver" but also its variations and more complex forms. By the end of these exercises, you will have a stronger grasp of how to use interrogative pronouns effectively, enabling you to ask questions with confidence and clarity in Icelandic. Dive into the exercises and take the next step in your language learning journey!

Exercise 1

<p>1. *Hver* er að koma í kvöld? (Who is coming tonight?)</p> <p>2. Við vitum ekki *hvað* gerðist. (We don't know what happened.)</p> <p>3. *Hver* á þessa bók? (Who owns this book?)</p> <p>4. *Hvað* ætlar þú að gera á morgun? (What are you planning to do tomorrow?)</p> <p>5. *Hver* er kennarinn þinn? (Who is your teacher?)</p> <p>6. *Hvað* langar þig að borða? (What would you like to eat?)</p> <p>7. *Hver* bjó þetta hús? (Who built this house?)</p> <p>8. *Hvað* er í töskunni þinni? (What is in your bag?)</p> <p>9. *Hver* syngur þessa lag? (Who sings this song?)</p> <p>10. *Hvað* finnst þér um myndina? (What do you think about the movie?)</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. *Hver* er að fara í bíó? (Who)</p> <p>2. *Hver* átti bókina sem þú fékkst? (Who)</p> <p>3. *Hver* kom með kökuna í veisluna? (Who)</p> <p>4. *Hver* syngur í kórnum? (Who)</p> <p>5. *Hver* var að tala við þig? (Who)</p> <p>6. *Hver* keypti nýju bílana? (Who)</p> <p>7. *Hver* á þessa tösku? (Who)</p> <p>8. *Hver* vinnur á skrifstofunni? (Who)</p> <p>9. *Hver* sá hundinn þinn? (Who)</p> <p>10. *Hver* bjó til matinn? (Who)</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *Hver* er forseti Íslands? (who)</p> <p>2. *Hver* á þennan bíl? (who)</p> <p>3. *Hver* er besti vinur þinn? (who)</p> <p>4. *Hvaða* litur líkar þér best? (which)</p> <p>5. *Hvað* er það sem þú vilt borða? (what)</p> <p>6. *Hvaða* bók lestu núna? (which)</p> <p>7. *Hvert* ætlarðu að fara um helgina? (where - destination)</p> <p>8. *Hvenær* er afmælið þitt? (when)</p> <p>9. *Hver* er kennarinn þinn? (who)</p> <p>10. *Hvað* heitir skólinn þinn? (what)</p>

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