Interrogative pronouns Exercises in Lithuanian language

Mastering interrogative pronouns is essential for anyone learning Lithuanian, as these words form the basis of asking questions and gathering information. In Lithuanian, interrogative pronouns such as "kas" (who), "ką" (what), "koks" (which), "kur" (where), and "kada" (when) are indispensable tools for daily conversation and comprehension. Understanding their correct usage will significantly enhance your ability to engage in meaningful dialogue and navigate various social and practical situations. Our grammar exercises are designed to help you practice and internalize the usage of these interrogative pronouns. Through a series of targeted activities, you will learn to form questions accurately and naturally. Whether you are a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an advanced learner aiming to refine your skills, these exercises will provide the practice you need to become proficient in using Lithuanian interrogative pronouns. Dive in and start exploring the intricacies of Lithuanian question formation today!

Exercise 1

<p>1. *Kas* atėjo vakar? (question word for "who")</p> <p>2. *Kur* tu gyveni? (question word for "where")</p> <p>3. *Kada* prasideda pamoka? (question word for "when")</p> <p>4. *Kiek* kainuoja šis daiktas? (question word for "how much")</p> <p>5. *Kaip* tu jautiesi? (question word for "how")</p> <p>6. *Kodėl* tu čia esi? (question word for "why")</p> <p>7. *Koks* tavo vardas? (question word for "what kind" in masculine form)</p> <p>8. *Kuri* knyga tau patinka? (question word for "which" in feminine form)</p> <p>9. *Kieno* automobilis tai yra? (question word for "whose")</p> <p>10. *Kurios* gatvės pavadinimas tau patinka? (question word for "which" in plural form)</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. *Kas* ateina į vakarėlį? (interrogative pronoun for "who")</p> <p>2. *Ką* tu skaitai? (interrogative pronoun for "what" in accusative case)</p> <p>3. *Kuris* automobilis yra tavo? (interrogative pronoun for "which" in masculine form)</p> <p>4. *Kada* prasideda filmavimas? (interrogative pronoun for "when")</p> <p>5. *Kodėl* tu nesišypsai? (interrogative pronoun for "why")</p> <p>6. *Kur* tu gyveni? (interrogative pronoun for "where")</p> <p>7. *Kokia* tavo mėgstamiausia spalva? (interrogative pronoun for "what" in feminine form)</p> <p>8. *Kiek* kainuoja ši knyga? (interrogative pronoun for "how much")</p> <p>9. *Kam* skambini? (interrogative pronoun for "to whom")</p> <p>10. *Koks* tavo telefono numeris? (interrogative pronoun for "what" in masculine form)</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *Kas* yra tavo mėgstamiausia knyga? (Interrogative pronoun for 'what').</p> <p>2. *Kur* tu gyveni? (Interrogative pronoun for 'where').</p> <p>3. *Kada* prasideda filmas? (Interrogative pronoun for 'when').</p> <p>4. *Koks* yra tavo telefono numeris? (Interrogative pronoun for 'what kind').</p> <p>5. *Kodėl* tu vėluoji? (Interrogative pronoun for 'why').</p> <p>6. *Kaip* tu jautiesi šiandien? (Interrogative pronoun for 'how').</p> <p>7. *Kiek* kainuoja ši knyga? (Interrogative pronoun for 'how much').</p> <p>8. *Kieno* tai knyga? (Interrogative pronoun for 'whose').</p> <p>9. *Kurie* batai tau labiau patinka? (Interrogative pronoun for 'which' in plural). </p> <p>10. *Ką* tu valgai pietums? (Interrogative pronoun for 'what' as an object).</p>

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