Interrogative pronouns Exercises in Hebrew language

Interrogative pronouns are essential tools in any language, providing the means to ask questions and seek information. In Hebrew, these pronouns are pivotal in forming queries about people, places, things, and more. Understanding how to use interrogative pronouns correctly can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively in Hebrew. This exercise page is designed to help you master these pronouns through a variety of engaging and practical activities. Hebrew interrogative pronouns include words like "מי" (mi) for "who," "מה" (ma) for "what," "איפה" (eifo) for "where," and "מתי" (matai) for "when." Each pronoun has specific rules and contexts in which it is used, and becoming familiar with these nuances is key to asking accurate and meaningful questions. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these exercises will provide you with the practice you need to confidently use Hebrew interrogative pronouns in everyday conversation.

Exercise 1

<p>1. *מי* בא היום למסיבה? (Interrogative pronoun for 'who').</p> <p>2. *מה* אתה עושה עכשיו? (Interrogative pronoun for 'what').</p> <p>3. *כמה* זמן יש לך? (Interrogative pronoun for 'how much').</p> <p>4. *איפה* הבית שלך? (Interrogative pronoun for 'where').</p> <p>5. *מתי* מתחיל הסרט? (Interrogative pronoun for 'when').</p> <p>6. *איך* הגעת לכאן? (Interrogative pronoun for 'how').</p> <p>7. *איזה* ספר אתה קורא? (Interrogative pronoun for 'which').</p> <p>8. *למה* אתה לא עונה לי? (Interrogative pronoun for 'why').</p> <p>9. *של מי* העט הזה? (Interrogative pronoun for 'whose').</p> <p>10. *כיצד* ניתן לפתור את הבעיה? (Interrogative pronoun for 'how' in a formal context).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. מתי *תתחיל* השיעור? (time)</p> <p>2. מי *הוא* המורה החדש? (person)</p> <p>3. לאן *את* הולכת אחרי העבודה? (place)</p> <p>4. מה *אתה* רוצה לאכול לארוחת ערב? (thing)</p> <p>5. איך *הגעת* לפה כל כך מהר? (manner)</p> <p>6. למה *הם* לא באו למסיבה אתמול? (reason)</p> <p>7. איזו *שפה* אתה לומד עכשיו? (language)</p> <p>8. כמה *אחים* יש לך? (number)</p> <p>9. מי *הזמין* אותך לאירוע? (person)</p> <p>10. מה *שם* הכלב שלך? (name)</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *מי* רוצה לבוא איתי? (Interrogative pronoun for "who").</p> <p>2. *מה* אתה עושה עכשיו? (Interrogative pronoun for "what").</p> <p>3. *איפה* אתה גר? (Interrogative pronoun for "where").</p> <p>4. *מתי* מתחיל השיעור? (Interrogative pronoun for "when").</p> <p>5. *למה* אתה עצוב? (Interrogative pronoun for "why").</p> <p>6. *כמה* זה עולה? (Interrogative pronoun for "how much").</p> <p>7. *איזה* סרט אתה רוצה לראות? (Interrogative pronoun for "which").</p> <p>8. *של מי* הספר הזה? (Interrogative pronoun for "whose").</p> <p>9. *כמה* אנשים באו למסיבה? (Interrogative pronoun for "how many").</p> <p>10. *איזו* מתנה קנית לאחותך? (Interrogative pronoun for feminine "which").</p>

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