Forming superlatives Exercises in English language

Mastering the art of forming superlatives in English can significantly enhance your ability to describe objects, people, and experiences in the most emphatic way possible. Superlatives are a form of adjectives used to express the highest degree of a quality among three or more subjects. For instance, when comparing the heights of three mountains, you would say, "Mount Everest is the tallest." Understanding the rules and exceptions for creating these superlative forms is crucial for clear and accurate communication. In English, forming superlatives typically involves adding "-est" to the end of short adjectives, such as "fast" becoming "fastest," or using "most" before longer adjectives, like "beautiful" becoming "most beautiful." However, there are irregular forms and special cases that don't follow these straightforward patterns, such as "good" becoming "best" and "bad" becoming "worst." This page provides a comprehensive set of exercises designed to help you practice and master the use of superlatives, ensuring that you can confidently express comparisons in any context.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Mount Everest is *the highest* mountain in the world (superlative form of "high").</p> <p>2. Among all the students, Mary is *the smartest* (superlative form of "smart").</p> <p>3. That was *the funniest* movie I have ever seen (superlative form of "funny").</p> <p>4. Winter is *the coldest* season of the year (superlative form of "cold").</p> <p>5. This is *the most expensive* car in the showroom (superlative form of "expensive").</p> <p>6. Out of all the animals, the cheetah is *the fastest* (superlative form of "fast").</p> <p>7. She is *the kindest* person I know (superlative form of "kind").</p> <p>8. The Amazon is *the longest* river in the world (superlative form of "long").</p> <p>9. This is *the most interesting* book I've ever read (superlative form of "interesting").</p> <p>10. Today is *the hottest* day of the year (superlative form of "hot").</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. This is the *tallest* building in the city (height comparison).</p> <p>2. She is the *smartest* student in the class (intelligence comparison).</p> <p>3. That was the *hottest* day of the year (temperature comparison).</p> <p>4. He is the *oldest* member of the team (age comparison).</p> <p>5. This is the *largest* pizza I've ever seen (size comparison).</p> <p>6. She ran the *fastest* in the race (speed comparison).</p> <p>7. This book is the *thickest* one on the shelf (thickness comparison).</p> <p>8. He was the *happiest* person at the party (emotion comparison).</p> <p>9. The Amazon is the *longest* river in the world (length comparison).</p> <p>10. That was the *funniest* movie I've ever watched (humor comparison).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. She is the *tallest* student in the class (adjective for height).</p> <p>2. This is the *oldest* tree in the park (adjective for age).</p> <p>3. Mount Everest is the *highest* mountain in the world (adjective for elevation).</p> <p>4. That was the *funniest* movie I have ever seen (adjective for humor).</p> <p>5. He is the *fastest* runner in the team (adjective for speed).</p> <p>6. This is the *hottest* day of the year (adjective for temperature).</p> <p>7. She gave the *best* presentation in the meeting (adjective for quality).</p> <p>8. That is the *smallest* car I have ever seen (adjective for size).</p> <p>9. This is the *most expensive* restaurant in the city (adjective for cost).</p> <p>10. He is the *strongest* person in the gym (adjective for strength).</p>

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