Expressing Equality in Malay Exercises in Malay language

Expressing equality in the Malay language involves understanding specific grammatical structures and vocabulary that convey the concept of sameness or equivalence between two or more subjects. In Malay, this typically includes the use of comparative phrases and specific conjunctions that help establish a sense of equality. Mastering these constructions is essential for anyone looking to achieve fluency in Malay, as they are frequently used in both everyday conversations and formal contexts. One of the most common ways to express equality in Malay is through the use of the word "sama" which means "same" or "as". For example, to say "as tall as" you would use "sama tinggi dengan". Additionally, understanding how to use phrases like "seperti" (like) and "serupa" (similar) is crucial for making comparisons that denote equality. By practicing these grammatical structures, learners can enhance their ability to describe similarities accurately and naturally in Malay, thereby enriching their communication skills in this beautiful and nuanced language.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Dia *seperti* abangnya dalam banyak hal (comparison word).</p> <p>2. Baju ini *sama* warna dengan baju kamu (word for 'same').</p> <p>3. Mereka *sama* tinggi (word for 'same').</p> <p>4. Harga buku ini *seperti* harga buku itu (comparison word).</p> <p>5. Kedua-dua kereta ini *sama* laju (word for 'same').</p> <p>6. Dia *seperti* ayahnya dari segi sikap (comparison word).</p> <p>7. Kualiti produk ini *sama* dengan produk lain (word for 'same').</p> <p>8. Suara dia *sama* dengan suara kakaknya (word for 'same').</p> <p>9. Berat beg ini *seperti* berat beg itu (comparison word).</p> <p>10. Dua rumah ini *sama* besar (word for 'same').</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. Buku itu *sama* tebal dengan kamus (word for equal).</p> <p>2. Adik saya *serupa* pandai dengan saya dalam matematik (word for similar).</p> <p>3. Harga baju ini *sama* mahal dengan harga seluar itu (word for equal).</p> <p>4. Kucing itu *seperti* besar seperti anjing jiran saya (word for like).</p> <p>5. Rasa teh ini *seiras* dengan rasa kopi (word for identical).</p> <p>6. Suara penyanyi itu *semerdu* suara penyanyi terkenal (word for melodious).</p> <p>7. Rumah baru mereka *sebesar* istana (word for as big as).</p> <p>8. Warna rambut dia *seperti* warna rambut ibunya (word for like).</p> <p>9. Kejayaan dia *sehebat* kejayaan kakaknya (word for as great as).</p> <p>10. Bunga di taman ini *seharum* bunga di taman negara (word for as fragrant as).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. Saya dan Ali *sama tinggi* (equal in height).</p> <p>2. Kucing itu *sebesar* anjing kecil (size comparison).</p> <p>3. Buku ini *semurah* buku di kedai lain (price comparison).</p> <p>4. Dia *secepat* pelari pecut itu (speed comparison).</p> <p>5. Rumah ini *sebesar* rumah jiran saya (size comparison).</p> <p>6. Suara dia *semerdu* penyanyi terkenal itu (sound comparison).</p> <p>7. Makanan di sini *sama sedap* seperti di restoran mahal (taste comparison).</p> <p>8. Baju itu *sewarna* dengan begnya (color comparison).</p> <p>9. Kereta ini *semahal* kereta sport (price comparison).</p> <p>10. Anaknya *sebijak* murid cemerlang itu (intelligence comparison).</p>

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