Demonstrative pronouns Exercises in English language

Demonstrative pronouns are essential tools in the English language, allowing speakers to point to specific people, places, or things with precision. These pronouns—this, that, these, and those—help clarify which objects or individuals are being referred to, whether they are near or far, singular or plural. Mastering their use can significantly enhance your ability to communicate clearly and effectively, ensuring that your message is easily understood by your listeners or readers. Understanding the nuances of demonstrative pronouns can be a bit challenging, but with practice, they become second nature. In this section, you will find a variety of grammar exercises designed to help you grasp the correct usage of these pronouns in different contexts. From identifying demonstrative pronouns in sentences to using them in your own writing, these exercises aim to bolster your confidence and proficiency in English. Dive in and start honing your skills today!

Exercise 1

<p>1. *This* is my favorite book (singular, close to the speaker).</p> <p>2. *Those* shoes are on sale (plural, far from the speaker).</p> <p>3. Can you pass *that* pen to me? (singular, far from the speaker).</p> <p>4. *These* cookies are freshly baked (plural, close to the speaker).</p> <p>5. *That* dog is barking loudly (singular, far from the speaker).</p> <p>6. *This* is my new laptop (singular, close to the speaker).</p> <p>7. *Those* mountains are breathtaking (plural, far from the speaker).</p> <p>8. *These* apples are delicious (plural, close to the speaker).</p> <p>9. *That* car is very fast (singular, far from the speaker).</p> <p>10. *This* is the best day ever (singular, close to the speaker).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. *This* is my favorite book (nearby singular object).</p> <p>2. Are *those* your shoes over there? (far away plural objects).</p> <p>3. *These* cookies taste delicious (nearby plural objects).</p> <p>4. *That* is a beautiful painting (far away singular object).</p> <p>5. Please hand me *this* pen (nearby singular object).</p> <p>6. *Those* mountains look stunning from here (far away plural objects).</p> <p>7. Can you bring *that* chair over here? (far away singular object).</p> <p>8. *These* flowers are blooming beautifully (nearby plural objects).</p> <p>9. *This* is the key to the front door (nearby singular object).</p> <p>10. *Those* birds are flying south for the winter (far away plural objects).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *This* is my favorite book (singular near).</p> <p>2. *Those* shoes over there belong to my friend (plural far).</p> <p>3. *That* is the car I was talking about (singular far).</p> <p>4. Can you pass me *these* papers on the desk? (plural near).</p> <p>5. *This* is the best cake I have ever tasted (singular near).</p> <p>6. *Those* mountains in the distance are beautiful (plural far).</p> <p>7. *That* movie we watched last night was amazing (singular far).</p> <p>8. *These* flowers in the vase are from my garden (plural near).</p> <p>9. *This* is the house I grew up in (singular near).</p> <p>10. *Those* birds in the sky are migrating south (plural far).</p>

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