Conjugation of ‘आहे’ (is/am/are) Exercises in Marathi language

Understanding the conjugation of 'आहे' (is/am/are) in Marathi is fundamental for constructing accurate sentences in the language. 'आहे' is a crucial verb that indicates the state of being and is used to describe the existence or condition of nouns and pronouns. In Marathi, verbs are conjugated based on the subject's number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine, feminine, or neuter), which can initially seem complex for learners. Mastering this conjugation not only helps in forming basic statements but also lays the groundwork for more advanced grammar and sentence structures. Our grammar exercises are designed to guide you through the nuances of conjugating 'आहे' in different contexts. Whether you are a beginner aiming to get a grip on the basics or an advanced learner looking to refine your skills, these exercises will provide the practice needed to achieve fluency. You will learn how to correctly match the verb with various subjects and gain confidence in your ability to communicate effectively in Marathi. Dive into these exercises to enhance your understanding and proficiency in using 'आहे' accurately.

Exercise 1

<p>1. तो डॉक्टर *आहे* (verb for 'is').</p> <p>2. मी विद्यार्थी *आहे* (verb for 'am').</p> <p>3. ती शिक्षिका *आहे* (verb for 'is').</p> <p>4. आम्ही मित्र *आहोत* (verb for 'are').</p> <p>5. तुम्ही शिक्षक *आहात* (verb for 'are').</p> <p>6. ते खेळाडू *आहेत* (verb for 'are').</p> <p>7. तु घरी *आहेस* (verb for 'are').</p> <p>8. माझी बहिण नर्स *आहे* (verb for 'is').</p> <p>9. हे माझे घर *आहे* (verb for 'is').</p> <p>10. आम्ही शाळेत *आहोत* (verb for 'are').</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. माझं नाव *अजय* आहे (My name is ___).</p> <p>2. ती खूप हुशार *आहे* (She is very smart).</p> <p>3. आम्ही उद्या शाळेत *जाणार* आहोत (We are ___ to school tomorrow).</p> <p>4. आज आकाशात ढग *आहेत* (There are ___ in the sky today).</p> <p>5. तो माझा मित्र *आहे* (He is my friend).</p> <p>6. ही माझी सायकल *आहे* (This is my bicycle).</p> <p>7. मी खूप आनंदी *आहे* (I am very happy).</p> <p>8. तुझं घर खूप सुंदर *आहे* (Your house is very beautiful).</p> <p>9. आम्ही सर्वजण इथे उपस्थित *आहोत* (We all are present here).</p> <p>10. ती एक डॉक्टर *आहे* (She is a doctor).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. मी शाळेत *आहे* (present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>2. तो माझा मित्र *आहे* (present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>3. आम्ही खूप आनंदी *आहोत* (first person plural, present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>4. ती खूप सुंदर *आहे* (present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>5. आपण सर्वजण येथे *आहोत* (inclusive first person plural, present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>6. माझे पुस्तक टेबलावर *आहे* (present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>7. ते गृहपाठ करत *आहेत* (third person plural, present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>8. तू माझा शेजारी *आहेस* (second person singular, present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>9. आम्ही उद्या येथे *आहोत* (first person plural, present tense of 'to be').</p> <p>10. तिचे नाव स्नेहा *आहे* (present tense of 'to be').</p>

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