Comparative sentences Exercises in Hungarian language

Comparative sentences in Hungarian can be a fascinating aspect of the language to master, offering a deeper understanding of how to express differences and similarities between people, objects, and ideas. Unlike in English, where we often just add "-er" to adjectives or use the word "more," Hungarian uses specific structures and suffixes to convey comparisons. This section will guide you through the intricacies of forming comparative sentences in Hungarian, providing you with exercises to practice and solidify your understanding. Hungarian comparatives rely heavily on suffixes like "-bb" for forming the comparative degree and often use the word "mint" (meaning "than") to introduce the second element of comparison. For instance, "nagy" (big) becomes "nagyobb" (bigger), and you might say "Ez a ház nagyobb, mint az" (This house is bigger than that one). Through targeted exercises, you will practice creating these comparative forms, learn to use them correctly in sentences, and understand the nuances that make Hungarian comparatives unique. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these exercises will help you become more proficient in using comparative sentences effectively.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Az alma *édesebb* mint a citrom (comparative form of "sweet").</p> <p>2. A kutya *nagyobb* mint a macska (comparative form of "big").</p> <p>3. Ez a könyv *érdekesebb* mint a másik (comparative form of "interesting").</p> <p>4. Az autó *gyorsabb* mint a bicikli (comparative form of "fast").</p> <p>5. A kávé *erősebb* mint a tea (comparative form of "strong").</p> <p>6. A hegy *magasabb* mint a domb (comparative form of "tall").</p> <p>7. A folyó *mélyebb* mint a patak (comparative form of "deep").</p> <p>8. A nyár *melegebb* mint a tavasz (comparative form of "warm").</p> <p>9. Ez a feladat *könnyebb* mint az előző (comparative form of "easy").</p> <p>10. A város *zajosabb* mint a falu (comparative form of "noisy").</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. A macska *nagyobb* a kutyánál (size comparison).</p> <p>2. A tea *forróbb*, mint a kávé (temperature comparison).</p> <p>3. Az alma *édesebb*, mint a citrom (taste comparison).</p> <p>4. A hegy *magasabb*, mint a domb (height comparison).</p> <p>5. Ez a könyv *érdekesebb*, mint az a film (interest level comparison).</p> <p>6. A nyár *melegebb*, mint a tél (seasonal temperature comparison).</p> <p>7. A vizsga *nehezebb*, mint a házi feladat (difficulty comparison).</p> <p>8. A futás *gyorsabb*, mint a séta (speed comparison).</p> <p>9. A kenyér *frissebb*, mint a sütemény (freshness comparison).</p> <p>10. A barátom *boldogabb*, mint én (emotion comparison).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. Az alma *édesebb* mint a citrom (the apple is sweeter than the lemon).</p> <p>2. A hegy *magasabb* mint a domb (the mountain is taller than the hill).</p> <p>3. A könyv *érdekesebb* mint a film (the book is more interesting than the movie).</p> <p>4. A víz *hidegebb* mint a levegő (the water is colder than the air).</p> <p>5. A kutya *nagyobb* mint a macska (the dog is bigger than the cat).</p> <p>6. A bicikli *gyorsabb* mint a gyaloglás (the bicycle is faster than walking).</p> <p>7. Az autó *drágább* mint a motor (the car is more expensive than the motorcycle).</p> <p>8. Az énekes *tehetségesebb* mint a színész (the singer is more talented than the actor).</p> <p>9. A leves *melegebb* mint a saláta (the soup is warmer than the salad).</p> <p>10. A nap *fényesebb* mint a hold (the sun is brighter than the moon).</p>

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