Common prepositional errors Exercises in English language

Mastering prepositions in English can be particularly challenging, even for those who have been studying the language for years. These small yet significant words often seem to follow no clear rules, leading to frequent mistakes that can alter the meaning of a sentence. Common prepositional errors, such as confusing "in" with "on" or "at," can make communication less clear and more confusing. Understanding the correct usage of prepositions is essential for fluent and accurate expression, whether in writing or speaking. This page is dedicated to helping you identify and correct some of the most frequent prepositional errors encountered in English. Through targeted grammar exercises, you will gain a clearer understanding of how to use prepositions correctly in various contexts. Each exercise is designed to reinforce your knowledge and build your confidence, making it easier to avoid these common pitfalls in the future. By practicing regularly, you can improve your grammatical precision and enhance your overall command of the English language.

Exercise 1

<p>1. She is very good *at* playing the piano (preposition for skill).</p> <p>2. We are meeting *at* the café at noon (preposition for location).</p> <p>3. I am looking forward *to* the concert tomorrow (preposition for anticipation).</p> <p>4. He insisted *on* coming with us (preposition for insistence).</p> <p>5. The book is *on* the table (preposition for position).</p> <p>6. She is interested *in* learning new languages (preposition for interest).</p> <p>7. The cat jumped *over* the fence (preposition for movement over an obstacle).</p> <p>8. They arrived *in* New York last night (preposition for arrival in a city).</p> <p>9. The meeting will be held *in* the conference room (preposition for location within a building).</p> <p>10. He congratulated her *on* her promotion (preposition for congratulation).</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. She is responsible *for* the project (preposition used to indicate responsibility).</p> <p>2. He apologized *for* being late (preposition used to express regret).</p> <p>3. They are interested *in* learning new languages (preposition used to indicate interest).</p> <p>4. This book is different *from* the one I read last week (preposition used to indicate difference).</p> <p>5. I am looking *forward* to the weekend (preposition used in the phrase indicating anticipation).</p> <p>6. She is good *at* playing the piano (preposition used to indicate skill).</p> <p>7. The cat is hiding *under* the table (preposition used to indicate position below something).</p> <p>8. He is afraid *of* spiders (preposition used to indicate fear).</p> <p>9. They are famous *for* their delicious cakes (preposition used to indicate the reason for fame).</p> <p>10. The conference will take place *on* Monday (preposition used to indicate a specific day of the week).</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. She is interested *in* learning new languages (preposition for showing interest).</p> <p>2. They arrived *at* the airport just in time (preposition for a specific location).</p> <p>3. He is good *at* playing the piano (preposition for showing skill).</p> <p>4. We need to discuss this *with* our team (preposition for involving someone in a conversation).</p> <p>5. The book is *on* the table (preposition for indicating position).</p> <p>6. She is afraid *of* spiders (preposition for showing fear).</p> <p>7. The meeting will start *at* 9 AM (preposition for a specific time).</p> <p>8. They are going *to* the concert tonight (preposition for direction or destination).</p> <p>9. He apologized *for* being late (preposition for showing reason or cause).</p> <p>10. She is responsible *for* completing the project (preposition for showing responsibility).</p>

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