Articles in questions Exercises in Hungarian language

Understanding the use of articles in questions is a crucial aspect of mastering the Hungarian language. Unlike English, Hungarian utilizes definite and indefinite articles in a unique way, which can sometimes be challenging for learners. In Hungarian, the definite article ("a" or "az") and the indefinite article ("egy") must agree in both context and grammatical rules specific to the language. This page will guide you through the intricacies of using these articles correctly when forming questions, helping you to sound more natural and fluent in your Hungarian conversations. We'll explore various scenarios in which articles are used in questions, providing clear examples and exercises to reinforce your learning. From simple inquiries about objects to more complex questions involving people and places, each section is designed to build your confidence and understanding. By practicing these exercises, you'll gain a deeper insight into how articles function within Hungarian questions, enhancing both your written and spoken skills. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your knowledge, these exercises will support you on your journey to becoming proficient in Hungarian.

Exercise 1

<p>1. Hol van *a* könyv? (definite article for "book")</p> <p>2. Melyik *az* autó? (definite article for "car")</p> <p>3. Láttad *azt* a filmet? (definite article for "that movie")</p> <p>4. Ez *egy* jó ötlet? (indefinite article for "idea")</p> <p>5. Van *egy* tollad? (indefinite article for "pen")</p> <p>6. Hol található *az* étterem? (definite article for "restaurant")</p> <p>7. Láttad *azt* a kutyát? (definite article for "that dog")</p> <p>8. Ez *egy* új ház? (indefinite article for "new house")</p> <p>9. Hol van *a* repülőtér? (definite article for "airport")</p> <p>10. Tudsz *egy* jó könyvet ajánlani? (indefinite article for "good book")</p>

Exercise 2

<p>1. *Az* almát szeretnéd? (Definite article, asking about a specific apple)</p> <p>2. Láttad *a* filmet tegnap? (Definite article, referring to a specific movie)</p> <p>3. Hol van *a* kulcsom? (Definite article, asking about a specific key)</p> <p>4. Ki hozta *az* ajándékot? (Definite article, asking about a specific gift)</p> <p>5. Megnézted *az* új könyvet? (Definite article, referring to a specific new book)</p> <p>6. Elhoztad *a* kabátodat? (Definite article, asking about a specific coat)</p> <p>7. Hol van *az* iskola? (Definite article, asking about the location of a specific school)</p> <p>8. Kié *az* autó a parkolóban? (Definite article, referring to a specific car in the parking lot)</p> <p>9. Hozhatom *a* táskát? (Definite article, referring to a specific bag)</p> <p>10. Megnézhetem *az* órát? (Definite article, referring to a specific watch)</p>

Exercise 3

<p>1. *Az* autó a garázsban van (definite article for "the car").</p> <p>2. *Egy* kutya sétál az utcán (indefinite article for "a dog").</p> <p>3. *Az* ajtó nyitva van (definite article for "the door").</p> <p>4. *Egy* könyvet olvasok (indefinite article for "a book").</p> <p>5. *Az* ablak zárva van (definite article for "the window").</p> <p>6. *Egy* almát eszem (indefinite article for "an apple").</p> <p>7. *Az* asztalnál ülök (definite article for "the table").</p> <p>8. *Egy* macska alszik a kanapén (indefinite article for "a cat").</p> <p>9. *Az* órát nézem (definite article for "the clock").</p> <p>10. *Egy* biciklit vettem (indefinite article for "a bicycle").</p>

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